About Us



ConTingency is brought to you entirely by volunteers who are working for free because we all love gaming and want to do our bit to support the gaming community.

Our Experience

The three of us have worked together as part of the Pathfinder Society organising team in the UK for several years now and as part of that began organising Pathfinder conventions, we each individually have other experience of organising conventions and events.

Core Management Team

ConTingency is very much a team effort. The core management team and the people to blame if it all goes horribly wrong are


Carol headshot

Carol Tierney

Guardian of the Gates

Carol is a avid domino collector and keen tiddlywink player. She can often be found wandering the fens playing her ukulele.


chris headshot

Chris Brockley-Blatt

District Count of Barrayar

Chris is known for her love of windmills and spends her spare time painting watercolours of sewage works around the UK.

dave headshot

Dave Harrison

Barrayaran Imperial Auditor

Dave lives in an igloo shaped house made entirely of books, while his love of strong coffee has led to him hand rearing a family of civits in his garden.

Support Team

We did not want Con-Tingency to be a Pathfinder Event but something for the broader gaming commnunity and so recruited a diverse backup team who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm:

Andy (Jester) Brown, David Brockley, Gary Tierney, Ian Goolding, Ian Mchugh, James (Archie) Gemmell, John Gathercole, Phil Lucas, Tim Hunter, Andrew Womack, Theresa Womack, Gordon Mclellan, Steve & Pauline Blatt, Fil Badowski, Claire Morris, Douglas Macintyre, Kim Osbourn

These wonderful folks do a lot of work behind the scenes and really help to make this work. It has been a total privilege to have them on our side and we owe them a massive debt of thanks.