About Us

Our Approach


ConTingency is owned and organised by Wyrdsisters Games CIC.

The CIC, like the event, is staffed entirely by volunteers who are all working for free because we all love gaming and want to do our bit to support the gaming community.


Our Story

Core Management Team

ConTingency is very much a team effort. The three people at the core of the team are Carol, Chris and Fil.  They are the active directors of the CIC and do the bulk of the work in putting the event together.

We also have a sleeping partner - John Dodd who is the backbone of many incredible gaming events.  John is the person we would most trust to ensure Contingency continued should anything prevent the Wyrd Sisters from doing their thing and we are incredibly grateful for his constant support and encouragement.  The man is a legend!


Carol is a viking re-enactor, dog lover and proud Granny. She can usually be found wandering the fens making up stories and complaning that her bike has broken.


Chris is the artist on the team, when she's not painting minis for her games she paints watercolours.  She is also an actual rocket scientist and can do things with spread sheets that would make your eyes water.

Fil is the brain behind AllRolledUp the much loved gaming accessory. She is our contact with the wider world of traders and producers as we are pretty sure she is the friendliest person on the planet.

Support Team

Contingency began as a response to Conception ending.  We wanted to continue as an event for all gamers rather than a Pathfinder Event and so recruited a diverse backup team who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm: The team currently consists of

Andy (Jester) Brown, David Brockley, Gary Tierney, Ian Goolding, Ian Mchugh, James (Archie) Gemmell, John Gathercole, Phil Lucas, Andrew Womack, Theresa Womack, Gordon Mclellan, Steve & Pauline Blatt, Claire Morris, Julie Cleary, Douglas Macintyre, Kim Osbourn, Sharon Hunter-Fennell, Jenn Impey, Darrell Impey, Richard Stevens, Samuel Webb, Kate Westwood, Alison Cybe, Dale Willis, Tim Lewcock, Colin Everill

These wonderful folks do a lot of work behind the scenes and really help to make this work. It has been a total privilege to have them on our side and we owe them a massive debt of thanks.

We also owe a massive debt of gratitude to the team that ran Conception who's model we have built on and to the wonderful Andy Kybett from Wyntercon who provided an amazing amount of guidance and support in setting up the Community Interest Company and making Contingency future proof.