Code of Conduct

[Revised: 18 December 2023]

By attending ConTingency in person or interacting online on any forum organised by Contingency you must agree to abide by this code of conduct.


Wyrdsisters Games CIC was formed for the purpose of organising events for the hobby games community.  This Code of Conduct outlines what everyone, including the organising team, gamesmasters and players, can expect from others and what is expected from all of us during events organised by Wyrdsisters Games CIC.

We recognise that the hobby games community is diverse, and we welcome that.  Every gamer adds to the community, and we want our events to be friendly and welcoming to all members of the community, provided they agree to follow our code of conduct.  The organisers will try to deal fairly and respectfully with any issue brought to us. We may also make reasonable requests that are not specifically included here.

Our fundamental beliefs are that people should treat each other with courtesy and respect and that people are responsible for themselves, their actions, and their own health.

You do not have to stay in any session you feel uncomfortable in. You can leave at any time.


Children and families are very welcome at Wyrdsisters events; however, due to child protection requirements, we are unable to offer any child minding services. If you bring under 18s they remain your responsibility at all times. Children under 13 must always be accompanied by a parent.


Wyrdsisters events should be a place where people feel comfortable and relaxed.  We appreciate that some games will include adult material and may include topics that are not within the bounds of what is normally publicly acceptable.  Any such games must be played in private and identified as such on the sign-up sheets.  Any games played in public areas must be suitable for a PG13 audience; this includes all in-character behaviour and comments.

People attending our events deserve to feel safe, and no one deserves to be shouted at, sworn at, or made to feel threatened, “opting in” to in-game situations where characters face these behaviours is for the individual to choose.

We support the use of X-Cards and will have them available at the admin desk. Any GM that does not wish to use X-Cards should consider their material carefully and make players aware of any alternative system their game will use to deal with any issues that arise before the session starts.

Please abide by the smoking zones, which will be clearly marked. It is illegal to smoke anywhere indoors, including on-site accommodation and out of windows. Also, be aware that people may have health issues that react to flashing lights (e.g. flash photography) or certain substances.  If in doubt, ask.

There are bars on-site at most Wyrdsisters events, and it is perfectly fine for attendees to enjoy a drink while at the convention; however, intoxication is no excuse for disorderly or offensive behaviour, and drunkenness will be seen as augmenting a complaint and never as a mitigating factor.


No one at a Wyrdsisters event should be put under any pressure to join in with things they do not want to do, this applies to both people and any characters they are portraying.

This includes:

  • any sexual behaviour or comments
  • hugs or touching
  • taking part in an activity
  • disclosing information
  • discussing topics which are sensitive or personal
  • or even having a chat.

It is fine to ask someone once if they would like to do something. For example, “Would you like a hug?” If they refuse, continuing to ask is pestering them and will be viewed as harassment. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so.

In public, “no”, “stop”, “don’t do that”, or similar words and phrases will be taken at face value by the organisers and volunteers, regardless of context. Any games where non-consensual behaviour may be included must be identified as such on the sign-in sheets and played in private. Players never have to stay in any game that they feel uncomfortable in.


Wyrdsisters events are intended to be a safe space for all attendees, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, disability, religion and belief, age or lifestyle. Bigoted behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

This means do not make negative comments or assumptions, or stereotype people on the basis of their skin colour, physical features, race, accent or religious belief. Negative comments about any aspect of a person’s culture or race, or fetishisation of cultural markers and physical features should be avoided.  This includes making jokes. In joking about taboo topics, always ‘punch up’ so you’re hitting the perpetrators, not the victims.

Again, we understand that some games are set in times and places where discrimination is a valid factor; this is fine so long as it is made clear on the sign-in sheets so people can choose to opt in.  Any such games must be played away from the public areas.


Please respect people’s privacy. Ask permission before identifying anyone publicly. ‘Public’ includes write-ups on personal websites or on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Do not take any photographs or recordings of people without their express permission. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone in the shot is happy to be photographed.

If you give permission for your photo to be taken, assume it may end up online linked to you by name, as people may not remember your preferences after the event.

If you believe someone has taken your photograph without your permission you may ask them to delete the image or ask the desk or a volunteer to do so for you.


Wyrdsisters events usually have an admin desk. If you want support in challenging anyone’s behaviour or anything they’ve said, the desk is the quickest way to contact us. Wyrdsisters Games CIC very much want to know about things that make people at our events less likely to attend another event. If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome – even if you do not want us to do anything about it, or feel it is your fault – please let us know.  Similarly, if you witness behaviour that makes you uncomfortable or concerned for someone else.

You do not have to identify yourself to make a report, you can ask someone you trust to report on your behalf or report anonymously, we will provide a sealed box that can be used to pass on anonymous comments.

If, for any reason, you do not want to talk to the volunteers at the desk, you can also reach the Wyrdsisters directly

  • in person at the event
  • by phone or text to 07934 349148 (Carol) or 07710 680762 (Chris)
  • by email to


We promise to listen to you and take your concerns seriously.

We can talk to anyone else involved. We are happy to do so, even if you haven't communicated this to them, since that is not always easy to do. We will listen to what you think would help. You don't have to know what would help.

Examples of things we can do

  • communicate to others that there is a problem.
  • ask for an apology
  • ask them to leave you alone
  • require them not to be where you are
  • exclude them from the rest of the event
  • ban them from future events

These will be implemented at the discretion of the Wyrd sisters; we accept responsibility for curating a safe and friendly atmosphere.

As a community interest company, the gaming community is our number one priority. Giving all members of that community the opportunity to attend events and feel welcome is why we exist. We have very few incidents and are fortunate to attract a lot of very friendly and welcoming gamers. Breaches of this Code of Conduct or refusal to follow reasonable requests will always be taken seriously.  If you are asked to leave due to your behaviour you will not receive any refund.